Surpass BMR6 Sorghum Sudangrass meets more than half the energy needs of cattle and leads to higher feed intake and improved weight gains. Plus, better stalk digestibility and a smaller stalk diameter allow for lower seeding rates.

Surpass Sorghum Sudan
Cow Pro Fescue II

Cow★Pro II Fescue

- Deep Rooted
- Medium Maturing
- Heat and Drought Tolerant

Deer, turkey, quail and more can't resist the diverse blend of soybeans, sorghum, millet and sunflowers in Missouri Southern Seed's Spring Wildlife Mix.

Proprietary or Common Seed?

We hear about "proprietary" and "common" seed, but what do these terms really mean, and which type is right for you?

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Missouri Southern Seed isn't your normal wholesale seed company. Our products come with years of experience and positive customer service with our staff rooted in Midwest values. Don't believe us? Give us a try, and you won't be disappointed!

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We sell wholesale high-quality forage grasses, legumes, lawn, and wildlife planting seeds.

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Every time you communicate with Missouri Southern Seed, you communicate with a local agronomic expert with an unparalleled knowledge about not only our products, but the best way for you to use them.

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From growing cover crops on the farm to trying out a new type of seed for your lawn, Missouri Southern Seed has a wide range of products to fit all your needs.

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    I've done business with Missouri Southern Seed for years. They have always supplied us with top of the line product and their sales staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable.


    I've inter-seeded Frosty Berseem clover into my alfalfa for the past three years. Not only has it lengthened my rotation of alfalfa but it has really boosted the palatability of my hay. The cattle really love it!

    Stephen Douglas

    I contacted Missouri Southern Seed and I was transferred to a sales representative immediately. I had numerous questions on their grass seed related to recommended type, how much should be overseeded per 1000 square feet, and where a dealer was located. The representative answered each question patiently and very professionally. I would recommend Missouri Southern Seed to anyone. Great company!

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