October 9, 2023Forages

Hay Quality Management

Protein vs. Energy / Testing Nutrient Levels No one likes to feed hay. But winter months often dictate that you feed a round bale or two to keep your herd satisfied. Because hay quality can vary, making the investment to have your hay tested can ensur …

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Winter forages
September 15, 2023General

Winter Forage Selection

Winter forages are a great way to get the most productivity of your land. Mostly used as a cover crop option after corn or soybeans, winter forages can supply the nutrients and organic matter back into your soil and/or supply your livestock with exte …

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Hereford cattle standing in pasture
August 16, 2023Forages

Pasture Weed Control in the Fall

If you have nagging weeds in your pasture, fall is a great time to knock them out and get them under control. During winter, a weed’s root system is transferring sugars to prepare for growth in the spring—stockpiling the nutrients it will need in the …

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