Surpass BMR6 Sorghum Sudangrass

Meets more than half of the energy needs of cattle and is comparable to alfalfa.


Although this hybrid does not have the same protein levels as alfalfa, it does have similar energy levels to equal weight gains of cattle. Having BMR traits give Surpass BMR6 Sorghum Sudangrass reduced levels of lignin resulting in higher feed intake and improved weight gains. It also indicates a higher leaf to stem ratio resulting in higher feed intake. Due to better stalk digestibility and a smaller stalk diameter, seeding rates can be reduced compared to other hybrid sorghum sudangrasses. Surpass BMR6 Sorghum Sudangrass can be used for hay, baleage, silage, greenchop, or directly grazed. Surpass is usually harvested in 50-60 days for the first cutting. With adequate moisture and fertilization, later cuttings should occur in approx. 40-day intervals.

Planting Conditions:

  • Drill 20-25 lbs per acre in late May-July or broadcast 30-50 lbs per acre
  • Plant after soil temperatures reach a consistent 65 degrees F
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