Are you looking to “Turnip Up A Notch” with your turnip cover crop as we head into the new year? We’ve got you covered!

Turnips are great cover crops as they provide an extended grazing period, capture nitrogen in the field, and work hard to suppress weeds. Pair turnips with grass or cereal cover crops for complete coverage. If you’re debating between Jackpot Forage Turnips and Purple Top Turnips, check out the table below to compare and contrast the turnip varieties and which one may best fit your operation.

Jackpot Forage TurnipsPurple Top Turnips
Used in both cover crop and grazing operations.Used in both cover crop and grazing operations.
Ideal cover crop as it protects against wind and rain erosion.General purpose turnip that is produced in 55 days.
Breaks up the soil using its lower growing bulb.Roots are large, smooth, globular, white in color, and can sometimes measure 4 inches in diameter.
Tops of the turnip provide forage for cattle or wildlifeTops of the turnip provide forage for cattle or wildlife
Provides excellent re-growth after grazing.Plant 2-5 pounds per acre in the spring or late summer.
Produces a high forage yield.
Increases weight gains from its excellent palatability.


So what’d you decide? Are you going to “strike it rich” with the Jackpot Forage Turnips, or “keep it classy” with the Purple Top Turnips? Either way it’s a win!

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