It won’t be long…the days are growing shorter, the nights a bit cooler and velvet is turning to bone. The signs couldn’t be clearer; deer season is almost here. And now is the time to start scouting out places to find that prized buck!

As you start out to set up your trail cams, don’t forget to bring along some quality attractants. By laying out an irresistible snack, the deer in the neighborhood will be making a trip to your buffet – including the ones from across the section. 

So what makes a quality attractant so… attractive? When considering the average white-tailed deer has 297 million olfactory receptors, compared to dogs who have only 220, we can safely say deer have an extraordinary sense of smell. This means any smell that promises a delicious treat has to be investigated. 

Here are a few of our favorite products to take along with you as you head into the woods this fall. 

Apple Obsession 

The name kind of says it all – deer love apples. Why do you think most orchards are wrapped by fences? The bonus that Apple Obsession offers above regular apples is its high protein levels to boost their energy and health during the fall and winter. 

In addition to a great protein, Apple Obsession has critical minerals and vitamins including a blend of grain products, cane molasses and salt. This easy-to-use granular attractant carries a strong apple flavor drawing deer for miles. 

Kraze Deer

Kraze Deer has the potential to draw in deer from surrounding properties with its multiple scent and flavor enhancers. This is a great product if you didn’t have time to stock the deer fridge this year – aka, plant your food plots. Just like the kids at home (or you at 2 PM), deer crave sugar. As deer begin to prepare for winter, Kraze Deer appeals to that sugar craving. This product is super easy-to-use – open the bag and pour it on the ground! 

Magnet Mix Box

Even if deer were made of metal, they would be no less drawn to the Magnet Mix Box than they are today. This 20 pound food block contains multiple scent and flavor enhancers, including Whitetail Institute Devour offering the potential to pull in deer from miles away. It’s specifically formulated with a balance of energy, protein, mineral and vitamin components to help deer maintain body weight and overall health during the fall and winter. Magnet Mix Box is also fortified with essential minerals and vitamins to boost their energy levels.

Please note not every state is the same concerning deer attractants. Be sure to check with the state’s hunting laws before you put out an attractant. Depending on placement and timing, some states consider it bating. Be a smart hunter and have a great season! 

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