Know Your Lawn Mixes

When it comes to stocking lawn seed varieties for your clients, you may think offering a sun mix and a shade mix will do.

But limiting your ability to provide the right prescription for a beautiful lawn also limits your ability to grow a lawn and turf seed profit center.

You see, the more options you have, the more opportunity for growth in sales. And Missouri Southern Seed has the knowledge to share that will back up your recommendations with performance.

By asking customers the right questions, you can provide custom mixes that will perform appropriately in their individual growing situations.

Ask them to think about their lawn and describe it.

Is their lawn:

  • Well-established or is it around a recently constructed home?
    • New construction often means compaction and poor soil quality. Help the homeowner identify soil conditioners and fertilizers that will enhance the soil over time.
  • Is it lush for the most part or is it sparse and spotty?
    • If it’s sparse and spotty, they may have a pest problem that would benefit from treatment with approved pesticides before re-seeding.
  • Full sun, partial shade or full shade?
    • How many hours of sun will the seed have? Select varieties that will shine in those situations and help them custom-mix seed for specific regions in their yard.
  • What kind of trees do they have on the property?
    • Sometimes poor lawn performance is not a reflection of seed quality at all. Certain trees, such as pines, can actually prevent grasses from taking hold by making the soil to acidic. Recommend varieties that can tolerate areas that more sensitive varieties cannot.

At Missouri Southern Seeds we offer 10 different lawn mixes that can fit anyone’s lawn needs. Talk with us today about learning the details that make the difference when making lawns – and customers – happy!

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