Honeycomb Sudan vs. Surpass Sudan

When it comes to picking the right Sudangrass for your customer’s needs, you may be wondering which way to guide them. We’re here to answer all your questions and help you best serve your customers.

Raise cattle? 
If so, Surpass Sudangrass is the best option. It meets more than half of the energy needs of cattle and is comparable to alfalfa. Do take note that it doesn’t have the same protein levels as alfalfa, but it does provide equal energy levels to cattle.

Looking for a great grass for sandy, low-moisture areas? 
Honeycomb Hybrid is the answer. It has an excellent root system that not only provides standability, but has exceptional drought tolerance.

Looking for a grass to create winter forage for livestock?
There are multiple forage possibilities with Surpass Sudangrass. Clients can use it to make hay, baleage, silage, greenchop or directly graze. They can also make multiple crops off of one planting, every 40 days to be exact (weather depending).

Raise other livestock? 
Other animals, such as horses, sheep, goats, ect., don’t require the amount of protein cattle do. So, if your client is looking to seed down some pasture, Honeycomb Sundan will work great! It has exceptional seedling vigor and fast regrowth for continuous summer pasture.

Both are great options!
The best part about both Surpass and Honeycomb Sudangrass is that both are incredible options for anyone looking to create more luscious pasture or energy enriched winter forage. Any livestock owner would benefit greatly from planting either species.

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