Fix-N-Mix Vs Term-N-Mix

Which Cover Crop Is Best for You?

One sets the nitrogen and one terminates nitrogen, but which one is right for you? We’re here to find out.

Crimson Clover


Benefits: Sets large amounts of nitrogen for the next cash crop, but also helps break up compaction.

What’s included: Missouri Southern Seed’s Fix-N-Mix product consists of FIXatioN Balansa Clover, Frosty Berseem Clover, Crimson Clover and Daikon Radish. The FIXatioN Balansa Clover in Fix-N-Mix produces more tillers, and is later maturing, overall gaining more biomass before bloom than the same species counterparts. FIXatioN’s large hollow stem makes for huge amounts of extremely digestible forage and its small seed size means less cost per acre.

When to plant: Plant Fix-N-Mix through the month of September, at 8 pounds per acre when sown alone, or 4-5 pounds when planted with cereal grain. This cold-tolerant cover crop mixture is a highly attractive choice for rotation with corn. This cover crop mixture is a great option to plant after corn or soybeans.

Daikon Radishes


Benefits: A fast-growing blend that will provide erosion control and cover quickly.

What’s included: This mixture consists of Daikon Radishes, Turnips, Rape, and Crimson Clover. This mixture will terminate (winterkill) throughout the winter. If a mild winter occurs, a complete termination may not happen. Crimson Clover provides early spring nitrogen for full-season crops in Southern regions and rapid summer or fall growth in cool-season areas.

When to plant: Plant 8 lbs per acre when sown alone, or 4-5 lbs per acre when planted with cereal grain.


No matter which cover crop you choose, you can’t go wrong. Cover crops provide so many positives including:

  1. A natural means of suppressing soil diseases and pests.
  2. They serve as a mulch or cover to assist in suppressing weed growth.
  3. Provide high-quality material for grazing livestock or haying
  4. Can provide food and habitat for wildlife, beneficial insects, and pollinators.

Call Missouri Southern Seed for more details on which cover crop mix is best for you. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have on how and when to plant these cover crops.

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