March 11, 2024Forages

Hay – What’s The Outlook?

As farmers and ranchers across Missouri gear up for the upcoming year, one crucial aspect on their radar is the pricing of hay. Hay prices play a significant role in a farm’s operations, particularly for those involved in livestock production.  At thi …

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Cattle laying in pasture
January 15, 2024Forages

Benefits of Early Season Forages

Winter is a great time to plan, prep and optimize your forage production. One strategy that Missouri cattle producers can leverage is the cultivation of early season forages. These forages offer a range of benefits, from providing nutritious feed for …

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October 9, 2023Forages

Hay Quality Management

Protein vs. Energy / Testing Nutrient Levels No one likes to feed hay. But winter months often dictate that you feed a round bale or two to keep your herd satisfied. Because hay quality can vary, making the investment to have your hay tested can ensur …

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Hereford cattle standing in pasture
August 16, 2023Forages

Pasture Weed Control in the Fall

If you have nagging weeds in your pasture, fall is a great time to knock them out and get them under control. During winter, a weed’s root system is transferring sugars to prepare for growth in the spring—stockpiling the nutrients it will need in the …

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Tractor spreading fertilizer
July 25, 2023Forages

Mid-Summer Planning for Fall Forage

Flourishing pastures don’t just happen overnight. A thriving pasture with nutritious forage for your herd takes commitment and a lot of planning. As we head into the heart of summer, now is a good time to look ahead at what your pastures will need th …

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Hay bales in field
July 12, 2023Forages

Why Leaf Shatter Matters

There is a lot of time, money and sweat equity put into raising good quality hay. While it may seem simple enough – pray for rain and then some sun, cut and bale at the right time and all is well… if only.  There are many details and decisions t …

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Examples of weeds that commonly need weed control in pastures
May 16, 2023Forages

Pasture Weed Control 101

As pastures start to flourish in late spring, so can pesky weeds. If left to nature’s course, weeds can eventually take over your green pastures, leaving your herd to rummage for enough quality forage to stay fed. But with proper pasture manage …

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