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As the saying goes, a photo is worth a thousand words, and never has this been more true than in social media. A great photo can show your customers the quality of your products, the friendliness of your service or the vastness of your inventory.

If you haven’t started your own social media presence, it’s better late than never to the party! But where to start? Which platform works the best for your business? Here is a quick overview of the big eight platforms, and tips on best practices to reach your audience.

  1. Facebook – If you had to choose one social media platform to go with, start here. Your posts can be as simple as a photo and a quick call to action – like, “Now is the time to plant Bermudagrass. Come in today and we’ll get you taken care of.” Likely, a good portion of your main customer audience is present on this platform. We suggest targeting your posts locally to start to build up your profile’s presence.
  2. Instagram – Instagram works similarly to Facebook – probably because they were created by the same company. Get a great pic of your product at a customer’s place, and get it posted. Try using hashtags like #farm, #farmlife, #agriculture, or #farming on your posts. Instagram users follow hashtags just like they follow accounts, so the more hashtags you use, the more people will see your posts.
  3. YouTube – This is a great platform for video creation, especially for the demographics of your customers. Your audience takes to YouTube often looking for how-to videos and information – so why not take advantage of that? Videos can range in length and complexity depending on how much you edit them afterwards in post-production. You are the expert; let your customers see you in action.
  4. TikTok – Once used for kids to post videos dancing and lip-syncing, the platform has greatly increase in popularity since 2020 and is used across multiple generations. Now people head to TikTok for short informational videos, ideas, and to see what people are doing in their day-to-day. This is a great platform to post humorous videos about what’s going on in your shop, advice from the head honcho, growing tips, or take advantage of a trend. The options are endless.
  5. Twitter – A great way to regularly communicate to your customer when you’re not one for a lot of words, and something is always going on ag Twitter to take advantage of and be a part of the conversation. Or, send out a simple promo push: “Forecast is calling for rain this weekend, get your seed today and get planting!”
  6. LinkedIn – This platform skyrocketed in popularity over the last two years with the search for additional employees becoming so important, but also if you want to add a more professional feel to your online presence by sharing or creating resources for others. LinkedIn is the perfect spot to network with others to make the most of your business.
  7. Snapchat and Pinterest – Both of these platforms have decreased in popularity over the course of the last two years, but could still serve a purpose for your social strategy!

Now that you have a quick overview of some of the main social media platforms, start posting and make sure to tag Missouri Southern Seed!


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