Renegade DT Tall Fescue

A medium maturing tall fescue with medium leaf blade width, improved crown density, moderately dwarf growth habit and a very dark green genetic performance.


The combination of a slower growth rate and improved density results in premium quality turf with a dense, fine texture and a very dark green genetic color. Renegade DT Tall Fescue is recommended for permanent turf in full sun or partial shade, on home lawns, commercial sites, parks, sod farms and golf course roughs. Renegade DT Tall Fescue is best utilized in grass seed mixtures or blends maintained at a high height of cut with Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Hard Fescue, Sheep Fescue or Strong Creeping Red Fescue. Renegade DT Tall Fescue is a low growing, darker green premium turf-type tall fescue with improved leaf extension rates and resistance to brown patch, leaf spot, crown rust, stem rust, fusarium patch, and improved drought tolerance. It creates moderately fine-textured, dense and premium turf, blends well with other turf-type grasses and is another breakthrough in the adaptation from the #1 source for Professional Quality Seeds, ProSeeds Marketing, Inc.

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