Honeycomb Hybrid Sorgo Sudangrass

Fine stemmed and very leafy. It is well suited for summer pasture, hay or green chop.


Honeycomb Hybrid Sorgo Sudangrass is a three-way cross: Hybrid Sorg-Sorghum X Sudangrass. The sorgo cross reduces the stem size and brings about its sweet, juiciness. Honeycomb Sorghum Sudangrass has uniform growth with very broad, dark green leaves. Its excellent root system provides standability and drought tolerance. Exceptional seedling vigor and fast regrowth provide multiple cuttings or continuous summer pasture.

Planting Conditions:

  • Plant 30 lbs per acre drilled or 40-50 lbs per acre broadcasted end of May through July
  • Soil temps should be a consistent 65 degrees F
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