Hallmark Orchardgrass

Widely used for pasture, hay and silage in the cool climate growing areas.


This orchardgrass seed can be mixed with clover for hay production as well as increased forage yield. Hallmark Orchardgrass is considered a very leafy, early to medium variety with excellent hardiness and persistence. It has been a consistent producer for hay, forage, and silage. With a broad area of adaptation, Hallmark Orchardgrass has performed exceptionally well from the Pacific Northwest through the central plains to the mid-Atlantic states. Performing well on soils with moderately poor drainage, Hallmark Orchardgrass also exhibits early spring growth and strong growth in the fall. Hallmark Orchardgrass also combines exceptionally well with legumes, developing a very productive stand for many years and a great pasture grass seed mixture. This variety matures earlier than Potomac.

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