Exceed BMR Pearl Millet

An annual summer hybrid pearl millet that delivers a versatile high forage product to beef, dairy, sheep, or goat producers.


When compared to other pearl millet products, Exceed BMR Pearl Millet has 20% – 30% less lignin content allowing for greater digestibility and more available energy for your livestock. It has also been found to have 20% – 25% increase in NDFD values resulting in greater feed intake, higher energy and an improved overall animal performance. Exceed makes for an excellent hay crop or summer pasture. Exceed has excellent seedling vigor, tremendous regrowth, and tillering after a cutting or grazing.

Planting Conditions:

  • Drill 15 lbs per acre or 30 lbs broadcasted
  • Plant mid-May through July
  • Plant when soil temperatures reach a consistent 65 degrees F
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