Cow★Pro Hybrid Pearl Millet

An excellent choice for a quick hay crop or summer pasture.


It is a very leafy variety with very fine stems. The extra leafiness will help boost protein levels over other pearl millets. CowPro Pearl Millet has excellent seedling vigor and tremendous regrowth and tillering after cutting or grazing. CowPro Hybrid Pearl Millet will grow better on marginal or acidic soils than sorg x sudan crosses. There is no prussic acid danger with pearl millet but is susceptible to nitrate toxicity. It is a drought-tolerant variety and offers multiple cuttings of excellent quality forages for cattle, horses, sheep, and other grazing animals.

Planting Conditions:

  • Drill 15 lbs per acre or 30 lbs per acre broadcasted
  • Plant mid-May through July
  • Plant when soil temperatures reach a consistent 65 degrees F
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