Cow★Pro Forage Rye

A strain-crossed forage rye that is best suited when grazed.


Cow Pro Forage Rye grows upright and faster than common winter rye allowing for more cows per acre. Due to its strain-cross traits which result in hybridized vigor, Cow Pro Forage Rye is very adaptable to cattle grazing. However, it is not recommended for hay. Typically, rye becomes more bitter the taller that it grows resulting in poor palatability. Rye also has full beards that can cut the gums of cattle also giving poorer palatability. Cow Pro Forage Rye comes out of winter dormancy quicker than common rye, wheat and cool-season grasses allowing you to graze earlier in the spring. Cow Pro Forage Rye is compatible with annual ryegrass for extra yield and extended grazing.

Ideal Conditions:

  • Seed 100 – 120 lbs per acre – August through November
  • Responsive to Nitrogen
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