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 Lespedeza, Korean

 Lespedeza, Bi-Color

 Lespedeza, Sericea


 Sugar Beet


 Spring and Summer


 Cowpeas,  Red Ripper

Red Ripper Cowpeas are annual late maturing peas that provide feed for quail & deer in the fall. The deer love the small plants and will sometimes strip a newly seeded area if the deer population is heavy. Cowpeas can be planted from spring through early fall. The seeds mature in about 90-100 days. Deer will forage on the plants starting with the tender small plants when they first emerge. Red Ripper cowpeas can handle sandier type soils better that the Iron & Clay variety.

Cowpeas,  Iron & Clay

Iron & Clay Cowpeas are grown much like soybeans. They are frost sensitive, but fast growing to 2 1/2' in warm/hot weather. Sow in midspring once soil temperatures have warmed. Drill at 25-50 lb./acre or broadcast up to 120 lb./acre. Plant seed 1/2 to 1" deep. Long taproots go relatively deep contributing to their ability to withstand drought. Heavy nitrogen fixation (130 lb./acre) typical. High biomass production. Avg. 3,000 seeds/lb.

Egyptian Wheat

Seed Corn, Open Pollinated

 Seed Corn,  Roundup Ready®

Soybeans Round-Up Ready®

Soybeans, COW*PRO

Millet, Browntop

 Millet, Japanese

Millet, White Proso

Millet, German

Rice, Taggert

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Sunflower, Peredovic

 Sunflower, Hybrid "FTB"

Sunflower, Hybrid "FTB" Clearfield

Sunflower, Hybrid  630 Clearfield

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Sorghum, Hyb-For Red Top King

Sorghum, Dairymaster BMR

Sorghum, WGF (white seeded)

 Sorghum, Hybrid Grain   9200Y


 Fall and Winter


 Deer Majic

Fall  Wildlife


Turnip, Purple Top

Winter Peas, Austrian

Ground Hog Radish

Hairy Winter Vetch

Oats, Bob Winter

Crimson Clover

Rye Grain