Warm Season Grasses

Sold by the PLS # - PURE LIVE SEED
To find Pure Live Seed (PLS) multiply purity by germination. This will give you your 
PLS percent. Example: To find the bulk weight of 12 PLS pounds, divide 12 by your PLS 

 percent, which will therefore equal your bulk amount. 

 Grasses & Wildflowers


Big Bluestem



Little Bluestem

Sideoats Grama


Switchgrass, Blackwell


Switchgrass, Cave-N-Rock


Switchgrass, NEB 28


Eastern Gamagrass 


 Wild Rye, CANADA




Caucasian Bluestem


Crabgrass, Red River


Western Wheatgrass


Tall Wheatgrass


Native Forbs  Mix  (10 species)


Illinois Bundleflower


Partridge Peas


Blackeyed Susan


Purple Praire Clover


Greyhead Coneflower


Purple Coneflower


Pale Purple Coneflower


Roundhead Lespedeza


White Prairie Clover


 Sunflower, False


Tick Trefoil